• Sunset

Travelling can be a source of adventure, happiness or exhaustion. It’ll all depend on the reason for doing it in the first place. I began travelling more than a decade ago to find myself, and truly, I found a part of my purpose and I felt I was part of nature. As much as we all want to travel in luxury, it does not always happen. To be honest, the type of flight seat and hotel accommodation does not necessarily change and/or improve the travel experience. It does give you the comfort, however, it is your mindset that will ultimately enhance your overall travel experience.


I would sit at the shoreline watching as part of the sea floor that’s earlier covered with water now exposed, the skies turning dark and the only colours you could see is the emanating rays of sunset.


It gives you that relaxing feel especially when the temperature starts to drop and the breeze starts to gently blow. Although it’s a general fact that sun moves in a very predictable pattern, not every experience is the same.


One afternoon as I was about to go home, I saw a magnificent piece of pink cotton candy on top of the Islet; what made it more spectacular are the colours dancing around it. It gave me a sense of emotional stability and comfort knowing that there are unexplained wonders in this world we live in. This photo is taken in Malajog Beach in Calbayog City, Samar.


However, among all the trips I made, the climb to the top of Osmena Peak was the most memorable. The weather at that time was unpredictable and the clouds were starting to cover the skies, but since it was my last day in the province, I tried my luck anyway. The ride towards the starting point and the hike itself was a disappointing because I saw that the mountain range and even the sky were starting to be completely covered. I was praying hard for a miracle to happen. As I reached the peak, the clouds started to disperse and what happened was truly mesmerising; the sun has shown itself.


I would be sitting somewhere I can enjoy the view. Truly, it is a reminder that things don’t end when daylight fades, it is a sign rather that another beginning is just about to start.


Just as when you thought sunset experience is the only best thing you will ever see in your trip; a sunrise is a whole different encounter.


The moment when the temperature starts to rise and the skies light up with different rays of colours. Sitting in front of the beach just looking as the sun begins its ascend is surreal. There is a feeling of hope that every time life is succumbed into darkness, there’ll always a chance for a new beginning,


The advantage of travelling early is that you get a glimpse of the natural wonders nature has to offer. As I travelled between two islands via a pump boat, I saw the sun come up from the horizon, and slowly, it climbed up and shone brightly.


And just like sunsets, no sunrise experience is the same; no matter how many times you see it, it will always give you that satisfaction like how you saw it the first time.


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