4 Reasons to Travel

After awhile of repetitive routine you do at home and at work, there will be a time when you get burnt out. All the gauges in your body slowly but steadily climbs up until it can no longer handle the pressure. It is good to have a time-off from everything. A vacation does not necessarily need to be an around-the-world trip, it can be somewhere just within the area where you live. As long as it is of a different environment, it takes your mind off work and relieves the stress. Here are some of the reasons to travel:


As you go to various places in the world, you get to realize that there are plenty of things that are done differently. The way people explain why some things happen and the way they handle them. I come from the Philippines and I am proud of its culture and traditions.


I visited the summer capital of the Philippines where the tribes that existed long before the Spanish regime can be found. They were able to preserve their culture despite colonization of different nations.


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However, because of the Philippines being a highly religious country, the most famous festivity celebrated is the Sinulog Festival. It is to commemorate the icon known as Santo Nino that is the representation of the baby Jesus. A cultural experience does not necessarily mean anything religious or spiritual, but anything related to way of life. To immerse yourself to these encounters is the best thing you could probably experience.


One of the many reasons why people refuse to travel by themselves is that they fear of being alone. It is quite reasonable because most people wouldn’t want to stumble upon a place they know nothing about without the comfort of someone familiar to them. I know this feeling because I used to be part of that group. However, when the time came that I had to transfer to Australia, it became clear to me that travelling by myself is highly eminent.


I travelled to the southern area of the island of Cebu fearing that if ever I get lost that no one will help me. Yet, as I reached my destination, I saw my fellow backpackers, and I was able to immediately able to make some new friends on the way. I realised that when you travel alone, you get to actually speak to other people because you are outside the comfort of your own group. You get to be outside your box.


Don’t worry about having no one to take your pictures. There are plenty of people who would generously offer assistance although you just need to be careful. The joy of travelling in Asia especially in the Philippines is that, wherever you go, you would never get hungry. You need to see for yourself to find out!



They say the best way to learn things is to experience them yourself. Travelling to the actual site of the attraction lets you examine closely things that are hard to describe my mere words. Visiting a place especially a country that is considered to be part of a third world nation can be an eye opener. It lets you appreciate life more; it enables you to realize how fortunate you are. Some of those who flew to these areas have later on dedicated their lives to do charitable works.

  • FOOD


You don’t necessarily have to be a part of that specific group to be able to enjoy their kind of cuisine. It is readily available for purchasing and/or sharing. Unlike how others see food, Asians especially Filipino consider it as means of socialization. They all gather on the table and won’t be finished until every food and every topic on the list has been finished. Before I came here to Australia, my primary concern was if I’d be able to eat that would suit my diet especially that I’m a rice eater, but I was quite surprised when I reached Sunshine Coast; there are plenty of Asian restaurants wherever I go. I let a big sigh of relief! A separate article will be made for the various popular Asian Cuisine, watch out for it.

There are plenty of reasons why you travel, and they might not be on the list. Please share your thoughts on the comment section below. Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Travel

  1. I travel because I don’t only want to see and experience more things, I travel to get different perspectives on people, cultures and understand things better.


    1. I couldn’t agree more. There’s more to just going to a certain place; when you immerse yourself to the culture, then you’ll get a deeper meaning of travelling rather than just being a clueless wandering soul. 🙂

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