One Obsession Every Filipino Has

No matter where you go, no matter how hard you accustom yourself to the ways of others; in one way or another, there will always be something that connects each one of us. We ponder whether it is a character from everyone’s favourite soap opera? Is it the newly released single of a popular song artist? If you don’t know then you might not actually be Filipino by heart. I have travelled to 8 different tourist destinations with my family; going from Luzon, to Visayas, and to Mindanao, and in all those places, there’s just one thing everyone agrees on. It’s the old time favourite langhap sarap chickenjoy of Jollibee.


The author’s mom and dad enjoying lunch at Jollibee – Baguio

This is not even an advertisement paid for by Jollibee, although, I don’t mind if Jollibee recognizes this post. It is with joy that as a traveller, blogger and writer; I am just also an ordinary human being who happens to enjoy the crispiness of that chicken skin. If only phonetically possible to say Jollibee in a baby’s first year, it would be my first spoken word. I originally had varying degrees of allergic reactions to chicken, however, I tried to let my body get used to it with the aid of anti-histamine. I managed to overcome it. Since then, I had eaten chicken almost every day until I came here to Australia.


A picture with author’s parents after he worked his first shift.

Not everyone know that I worked in Jollibee in 2006 as a dining crew and as an express delivery crew (phone orders). I was then an obese kid who looked just like Jollibee, I was able to say I belong. I didn’t initially look forward to working in customer service, I’ve grown to love it. As time passed by, I realized that it’s not bad after all; the trainings and mentorship had a big impact on me. I personally believe that this fastfood chain has become home to Filipinos of any age and any walks of life. It is part of almost any occasions may it be a celebration for a birthday, promotion, etc. It is because of the environment. It is also evident that the taste is tailored for Filipinos. As you open the buns of your hamburger, you’ll see the odd-looking dot of sauce inside and you’ll tell yourself, what the heck is this stuff? The way spaghetti is drowned with hotdogs and the way it’s been made sweet instead of its regular sour taste; you’ll tell yourself, gosh, it’s weird but it’s good. You may not like at first, but truth be told, you’ll not realize, the image of that happy singing fat bee has already been imprinted in you. When I travelled here in Australia, I meet people coming different countries, and most of them who were able to taste the food would say they liked it.


Friends coming for Canada, UAE, New Zealand and Australia.

Among my friends who worked overseas, we all crave for Jollibee. It brought a new sense to the word love, and I know that this is funny but look at the picture below and you’ll say it’s funnily true.


Image Source


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